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We import varieties of pulses and beans for sale in Indian market, some of these are green moong beans, red kidney beans, black eye kidney beans, light speckled beans, yellow peas, toor whole, black mapte, chick peas (desi and kabuli) and lentils

Black Eye Beans
black-mapte Black Mapte
chick-peas-kabuli-desi Chick Peas Kabuli Desi
green-mung-beans Green Mung Beans
green-peas Green Peas
kidney-beans Kidney Beans
lentils Lentils
light-speckled-kidney-beans Light Speckled Kidney Beans
mouth-beans Mooth Beans

We import spices like Cassia (Cinnamon) from China / Vietnam, Star Anise from China / Vietnam, Pepper from Vietham, Cloves from Indonesia.

Star Anise
Black Pepper